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We can build or repair and size steel building

What separates steel buildings apart from every other kind of building? Besides the fact that they've been a popular choice from both residential and commercial standpoints, they are very durable and will last longer than most other buildings.

From the smallest of shops and backyard farms to the biggest warehouses and other commercial buildings, the professionals at Stanley Construction Inc are standing by. We specialize in building customized structures as per your order. We offer a large selection of colors for the buildings we work on.

Pre-insulated metals panels

What separates Stanley Construction Inc apartment from the rest? We use pre-insulated metal panels for any steel building we work on.


We also can work on pre-engineered metal buildings and offer frames that are available in standard red iron, grey primer and galvanized. Any Nucor buildings we work on are built with recycled American steel.

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All workmanship is guaranteed, and additionally the owner is on site on every project to ensure the job is done right.  Will consider any project within reasonable distance of Montezuma.


Steel buildings that will last

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